Welcome to Aqua-Crylic

Aqua-Crylic has been in the aquariums and aquarium product industry for over thirty years. We manufacture custom acrylic aquariums, filtration systems, life support systems and other products that help make the fish keeping hobby simple and fun. We are also a distributor for aquarium products for over 55 different manufactures. We pride ourselves on the way we do business and focus on a few key principles. Those are treating our clients with respect, doing what we say we will do, and doing business with a handshake.  So many times these fundamentals have been forgotten by larger companies, and we feel it is extremely important to still add that personal touch to each and every transaction. Let us know how we can earn your friendship and business today!

Our manufacturing site will have products for you to purchase directly from us, the manufacturer of our Aqua-Crylic products. We have been building custom acrylic aquariums, filtration and life support systems and various other aquarium related products for over thirty years. We use state of the art equipment plus our new CNC Laser machine to create pure works of art. Let’s make your aquatic dream come true today!

If you are a retailer and have a local fish store anywhere in the United States, feel free to click the button for Wholesale and browse our selection. The site was started just earlier in October, 2018 and we are still populating our catalog with thousands of products, so please be patient. Feel free to fill out a wholesale application and we can set up an account for you.

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